Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY: Bridal Shower Cake

"Eat, Pink & Be Married"

Tonight was my best-friend's bridal shower, all pink & girly.
I wanted to do something different than the usual Victoria's Secret gift bag or wrapped gift & bow, and so with some baby shower diaper cake + Pinterest + my OWN creativity
I made a "Bridal Shower" cake/gift:

It was very easy to do and probably could've taken me less than an hour if my daughter didn't keep ripping things apart, or that I'm a perfectionist. 

1. I cut a cereal box into two different sizes & length to make the outer & inner towel circles. There isn't a specific length and size. It depends on your preference and size of your hand towels.

2. I then rounded them into circles and taped them together. 
Other tutorials like {CLICK HERE} hot glued them to a cake plate. I didn't have one, but it became sturdy after I wrapped the hand towels around each circle.
I just worked with what I had.

3. I laid everything out
Cheap = hitting up your local Ross.
$4 bucks- Set of hand towels
$3 bucks- Huge net of kitchen ware spatulas
$5 bucks- Photo clips
I'm a makeup hoarder/addict (ask my husband), so I added in the "unused" MAC lipglasses and Victoria's Secret Spray because I love my friend that much!
I also had an unopened set of heart shaped cookie cutters from a past wedding favor. 
Ribbons from my Mom. The large ribbon is actually from a Victoria's Secret shopping bag handle.
BRIDE letters from Mom's Cricket machine. 
Lastly, I had a pie crust platter that I never used.

*Yup, I stuffed "Honeymoon Essentials" within
Only for the Bride's eyes

There you go! It was a hit at the Bridal Shower, so go ahead and impress EVERYONE!
Simple, practical & something to be proud of.


  1. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!! you are soooo creative and artsy!!!!!!

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