Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Collect the Things You Love"

mummy is DEFINITELY addicted to
love my mahie.

 to read. & read.


a real movie night.


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what i love most about my home, is who i share it with <3

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pretty Little Things

For the past couple of days I've been on a quick break as 1st Term transitions to Fall Semester...soon my last school year of college will FINALLY be over!! And to kick the break festivities off, what better way than to get this beauty in the mail:

Urban Decay 15 year Anniversary Palette
Limited Edition. ALL new shades. Very Pigmented. Beautiful, Durable & Reusable Packaging. I LOVE me some Urban Decay. I'm not sure if Sephora or have picked up on it, well, I did order this a while back so maybe they should have it in stock by now. But I know they are going fast. I always buy limited edition lines because they never disappoint. Although they go quickly, you'll own something that another makeup person won't have, haha. Plus they're always new products designed just for that L.E. line, so they're always pretty cool. 
U.D. also came out with a limited edition 24/7 pencils collection, but it was just too much & I already have majority of the colors from other palettes. 
If you've missed out on these L.E. eye shadows, U.D. also just launched their 5th?? Volume of their Book of Shadows....which has similar shades. I'm not getting it, since I have their 3rd Volume & bought their 4th but gave it to my friend Nea cause I wasn't feeling it....that's why its a pass for me....but it seems pretty cool. You get eye shadows + key chain speakers + liquid liner + mascara + ipod plug-in.....pretty awesome. 

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil 
(Matte Bronzing Powder)
Yum Yum YUM!! Chocolate Lovers, this is a makeup MUST HAVE.
Although my 2 FAVORITE FAVORITE BEYOND FAVORITE makeup brands are MAC and Urban Decay....I ventured over to the Too Faced cosmetics area in Sephora. I heard about this bronzer for quite a while & since all I had was a Sephora pencil sharpener in my shopping bag, I decided to give it a sample try. LOVE the smell of chocolate as soon as you open it. Great bronzing shade for my skin tone, and its MATTE!  I already have too many shimmery bronzers. I have been using this everyday so far, & made my husband smell it about a million times, hahaha. I can't get over its delicious smell. 

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation
I wanted to have lighter foundation since all I have are just different types of Mac foundations in liquid, cream & powder....& you'd be crazy to use those as everyday face wear. So in the times that I'll want to wear some coverage, I've been turning to Neutrogena's liquid foundation. It really feels good on my skins & surprisingly has even eliminated some blemishes. I like applying it with my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush (which is another must have!!), applies very smoothly without streaks & blends well. It gives you a "fresh-face" kind of look, as if you're not wearing anything at all. 

One weekend my husband treated me to Sally's Beauty Supply after making a stop at Babies R Us. I love looking at everything in there & filling up my hand cart. haha. Obviously after buy diapers, formula...etc, leftover 'kala' goes to Sally's!!
Halloween's coming up, so I was excited to buy these Sally's Girl loose glitters, which are so cheap. They even come with the clear adhesive to help you apply the glitter.
I got them in a couple of colors, I know I'll have fun with them. 
I also picked up some ORLY nail polish in warm shades.....and....
Seche Vite for some high glossy tips
It's like I got my nails done in a salon.
Enjoy, Enjoy!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

busy bee tutu

Can I just (excitingly) point out that Halloween is just around the corner.
 Like right there behind September 30th is October!
Ok, I know, I know, its ONLY the 3rd day of this month....but I'm just so happy:
1) Cause the Holidays are a startin'
2) I have a baby to dress up, decorate & hang a stocking for
3) Duh, baby's first EVERYTHING...beginning with:

Her FIRST Halloween Costume:
(New Sneak-Peek Project)
I'm beginning with a DIY tulle baby tutu
Can you GUESS what Mahie will be trick-or-treating as???

I will be busy with school-work-mommying- & costuming ;)

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Kat Von D is coming out with some new thangs!
here i come sephora

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hunger Games

My Current Summer Read:
Bought this on a whim from Barnes & Noble (which has always been better than Borders!) and have been glued to its pages whenever a free second in my day opens up. Seriously, it gets you hooked, well as soon as you understand the introduction....but then the author truly gets you wanting to know more & more each page. It kills me that I have a huge paper due tomorrow and I have to take a break from "the girl on fire" :)
Anyways, I'm pretty sure these books/series are or will get popular in no time. That being said, filming has already started for the movie to be release in 2012!
"Twenty-four are forced to enter. Only the winner survives. In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. Each year, the districts are forced by the Capitol to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the Hunger Games, a brutal and terrifying fight to the death - televised for all of Panem to see.

Survival is second nature for sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who struggles to feed her mother and younger sister by secretly hunting and gathering beyond the fences of District 12. When Katniss steps in to take the place of her sister in the Hunger Games, she knows it may be her death sentence. If she is to survive, she must weigh survival against humanity and life against love"

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Glam Fairy

I came across a post on HOTT MAWMA about the show:
My husband found the entire show for me online, and I've spent the past few days totally obsessed with "Joy"-sey...aka Jersey!
One of the episodes featured a hair & makeup competition among the cast, and I totally loved this hair-do by the Glam Fairies.
Isn't it just so elegant. I like updo's that are loose, have volume...and not pulled tightly back like a typical prom-do. Crispy curls, yuck!
If you haven't watched this show, you're definitely missing out on Jersey Style. The blond on the right is the "Glam Fairy" and supposedly the Queen of Wedding Makeup, especially the smokey eye. Alexa is pretty cocky & a witch, but her work is flawless. I got curious & wanted to check out her GLAM FAIRY WEBSITE, lol her company actually breaks down the question of What the F is a Glam Fairy?
 Thanks Nea, I'm a Jerseylicious Addict :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where to START?

My husband took me out for the entire day & spoiled me like crazy. So many things to show, even MORE things waiting in the store for my return.

First off I found these on the clearance shelf:
Sooo Cute! Boys had those denim diapers & girls got these pretty prints. Yes I stocked up & my husband thought I was crazy. My little wiggle worm already wears size 2!
Target has some really nifty things for babies, Walmart needs to step up their game. I bought my daughter a whole bunch of cool things, but of course they aren't as cool as these (lol):
It's A TEN
I've always wanted to try this & finally got my opportunity when I had my hair trimmed a few weeks ago. So while scanning the hair department I found the product line & had to get it. It smells so good, plus I remembered how soft it made my hair feel after I left the salon.
why a ten???
1. repairs dry, damaged hair
2. adds shine
3. detangles
4. controls frizz
5. seals and protects hair color
6. prevents split ends
7. stops hair breakage
8. creates silkiness
9. enhances natural body
10. heat protectant (for use with flat irons)
Yummy Yummy Yummy, it smells so good, salon good! lol. I can't wait to use it after I wash my hair. The only thing that irritated me, was that since we live in Hawaii, it's pretty pricey. Like this is my first and last bottle until I take a trip to the mainland :)
Sinful Colors
The toes-ies have been needing a change of color, and I love bright shades all over them.
It seems like a bubblegum pink on here, but its actually almost a close toss up between coral and neon pink, if that makes sense. I just got finished with my paint job :)
There were a few more hair products I needed to restock on, but nothing that great.

But that's when we headed to Alamoana and made a stop at Aldo's. 
First the Aldo Accessory store
I walked into this fabulous store & was totally reminded of shopping memories in New Zealand. My husband is from Auckland, so I was able to take a trip with him back home. The stores there are way more awesome than here. The little girl in me jumped for joy as I scanned the walls and shelves of Aldo's accessories. Mahie was looking too. She enjoyed the feather earrings.
Then we made our way to Aldo's the shoe store:
They were having a yellow tag clearance sale PLUS an ADDITIONAL 30% off
There were shoes galore! I'm beginning to invest in quality shoes, which do come with a price. But, I'm just tired of paying for cheap shoes that hurt my feet or wear down easily. I'm starting with heels that can go with anything. Picked up some black Nine West's the other week (Also on Sale, love a bargain). These are comfy, still need to break them in though. They seem kind of dark, but they're actually lighter. Next pay check, I'm heading back. Can you believe a lady complimented me on these shoes as I tried them on. Yet as soon as I put them down to get ready to purchase, she almost tried to take them from me. How dare you mid-life crisis woman, but thanks for the compliments :)
No h.w. for this Student-Mommy tonight. Tomorrow feels like a "email-teacher-sick-not-coming-class-but-really-i-just-wanna-play-with-my-baby" kind of day :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sleepy Wrap

This past week I was super busy, but I was able to try out my Sleepy Wrap:
Honestly, I thought people who bought these were weird, but now they've risen to COOL status because I've joined the baby carrier group with my own green Sleepy Wrap. haha.
My sister wanted to try it out, so in the middle of the grocery store, I was helping her wrap Mahie, and people were staring like crazy. Well I wouldve too, since at first it looks like the longest scarf in the world.
Two thumbs up, COMFORT APPROVED! Mummy definitely LIKES.....seriously, it feels like you're not even carrying your baby. The weight is distributed evenly, so you don't feel any pull on your back or shoulders. You also don't have to hold your baby, the wrap does it all. Hands are totally free to clean, shop, hit a home run...totally kidding, but you get the idea. 
Why not get the Moby Wrap? I just saw that there were far more better reviews with this than the Moby. This wrap has better quality fabric and is more comfortable for baby and Mom. (They also have an organic fabric line of wraps) It goes for about $45, but there are a lot of promo codes you can find online. I did :)
Maybe for Halloween I'll dress up as a Mama Kangaroo & wear this, haha, Mahie can be my baby Roo. And James can be....the candy bag holder :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Full Time Working Mummy/Student

Back to Mornings as a student and Evenings as an employee
but this time around as a 'Mummy'
Can I just say that I'm not happy about being back in school
Physical Science 730am-940am
Comm 353 950am-1150am
Already I want to procrastinate
I'm glad I graduate this coming April
To lift my spirits I painted my nails a minty green/light blue

oh & picked up these lovelies

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cooling Mist

My little family & I spent the day at the beach, all day in that blazing sun. Usually I hate sunblocks/sunscreens because most of them smell weird or I feel so gross after covering myself. However no one likes getting burnt and dealing with peeled the solution to my SPF problems:
Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa line
At Alamoana, its located near the cash registrars. Anyways, the "Cooling Sunscreen Mist" smells good, feels good & protects good!! Even my husband enjoyed using some.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

August's Cosmo

Look who's back on Cosmo!

I'm such a "Check-Out Counter" Buyer...meaning anything that catches my eye as I'm waiting to be rung up at the cashier, I'll just toss into my magazines. ESPECIALLY if there's a hot celebrity beaming back at me!
 Isn't she just GORGEOUS?
I enjoy reading about makeup, fashion, hair and even home decorating tips.
I realized just how many magazines I had stocking up when my sister needed some for a bridal shower game. I think every girl there could've had their own magazine to look at hahaha. It was hard seeing the guests rip them apart for the game, but new issues come out monthly so I got over it. Plus it was funny seeing true magazine addicts like myself READING/LOOKING THROUGH the magazine instead of playing the game.

Monday, July 18, 2011


My 1st Birchbox arrived!
What is Birchbox?
Each month you receive 4-5 samples from skincare, to makeup, to even beauty tools. 

"Birchbox is designed to be a smart, streamlined, and fun way to try and buy high-end beauty products. We sort through the clutter to send you only what works and what’s worth the splurge. We created Birchbox because, like you, we love beauty but we don’t want to have to work too hard for it"
*Past samples included:

I know right?! Nars Illuminator!

1. Nuxe (multi-usage dry oil)
2. Zoya Nail Polish in Pandora (pretty nudes)
3. Redken Shine Flash, 2.1 oz can
4. Purity Made Simple facial cleanser, sample size
5. Kind Almond & Apricot bar

Pro: You recieve goodies every month!
Con: Some samples can suck! lol

Sunday, July 17, 2011


My house has been hit with its annual case of THE COMMON COLD
So I've stocked up on these anti-bacterial lovelies:
Bath & Body Works
Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps
4 for $15
Hopefully I picked some good scents since my nose is so stuffy I couldn't sniff test lol! I think I cleared a whole corner in the store from sneezing!
Yes, I'm a Germ Freek....but you're probably wondering 'Well how did you get sick?'....that's where my husband comes in & he knows I blame him :) Since having our daughter keeping my hands clean and WHOever touches her is a must must must. My husband and I have obtained very chapped hands from all the washing/sanitizing done over this weekend!

Accessories of a GERM-O-FREAKY Mom:

Kiana (my brother's girlfriend whom I adore) bought Mahie this cute PRETTY iridescent/white studded bear key-chain. Which are a big rave in Japan & now in Vegas. I love it so much because it's just so sparkly, girly, and and and PRETTY!!!! The picture does not do it justice. Anyways I thought to hang:
1) Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer
scent: "One Hot Mom"
It's pretty strong, not like old-lady-perfume-strong, but enough where you don't have to spritz yourself with your own perfume.
They made specialty holiday items on Mother's Day

2) Arm & Hammer Diaper Trash Bags by Munchkin
I got mine in lavender & they do smell good, haha. They've saved me in some situations where a trash can wasn't in sight, or I didn't want to dump Mahie's diaper at a friends. You just tie up the diaper in one of these & it erases/prevents all stinky-ness or MESS from happening until you dispose!


3) Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes
I stock up on these from Target's travel section, even the Clorox ones when you wanna wipe down where you change your baby.

4) Disposable Diaper Changing Pads
Some time's when you can "hear" that baby's business will be just TOO MUCH to look forward to, these come in handy because you just toss them right after. Instead of it getting on your personal changing pad & then getting stuck with wiping it down or leaving it dirty in your bag, yuck! They come pretty cheap in large packs at BabiesRUs

5) Travel Size Baby Toiletry Pack
thanks from my baby shower diaper cakes

*Remember Germ-o-Freaky Mommies to keep an extra change of clothes for baby & YOU!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stripes Quilt

First Quilting Project I WANT to tackle:
Beginner's Basic Stripes Pattern
via "Diary of a Quilter"
Got all my tools, so excited to start hunting for fabric.
Wish me Luck!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Reads

First book of the Summer accomplished in 4 days!
It's a novel based on a local WEALTHY hapa-haole of the last/few modern hawaiian families related directly to old hawaiian ali'i (royalty). Not really gonna go into what it's about, since that may ruin potential readers, however I thought it was okay. Well maybe because I read the title, and was told by my Dad that the characters (of course names are changed) are direct descendants of ali'i, that it would talk about these families in today's hawaii. But no. The story was actually pretty sad and unfortunate, okay maybe a little interesting since I got hooked and couldn't wait until Mahie fell asleep. A few twists here & there. Now onto another interesting read...any suggestions out there? I'll read anything, even if I'm bored by the third page, I'll still complete it all :)

p.s. they're making a movie based on the book, & george clooney is playing the hawaiian (well hapa-haole) dad, hahaha cool.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

1st "Big Eyes, Little Wallet" Post

The title of this post explains it all
"BIG eyes, LITTLE wallet"

Things I'm WANTING (if only!) at the moment, however my funds need/have gone to other more important things (diapers, wipes, etc...) So I guess these little *Wishful posts make me feel one step closer to my purchase dreams, haha, so here's the first:

Sigma's NEW makeup Palette's
Currently drooling over the Bare (middle) and Flare (right) collections
-even though I have so many nudes & purple shadows!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Latest & Greatest

So here are a few of my past INDULGENCES
(that no one but my poor husband had to listen to)

NARS Limited Edition Blush/Bronzer Trio
Saw it, Loved it, HAD to get it
Only because I've always heard of people (that's makeup obsessed people like moi), RAVE about each of these powders individually. And here I can save a ton of money buying a trio and get all of NARS' famous shades!
*Blush in ORGASM
*Highlighter in ALBATROSS
*Bronzer in LAGUNA
(visit your nearest sephora asap)

NYX Cosmetics

Walgreen's Kaneohe opened up a NYX section! Small but still worth the visit.
I got some pretty shades in pinks & nudes
They smell really pretty & don't leave your lips sticky, blah!


Brother Sewing Machine
(I know right, what?)

So I'm zippin' through Walmart with one goal in mind: HUGGIES DIAPERS!
Hello, that didn't happen!
Ran into my good friend Katie, showed her Mahie, played with her chubby nephew, said aloha, walked past some pretty fabric, looked past & saw the clearance rack with this little machine beaming at me! Only $60 bucks, everything else was $90 and above! It even comes with different "faces" to style your machine :) My Mom sews a lot of cute things, I've always played around on it growing up. Now that I've got a lot of time on my hand, I've come across a lot of beginner sewing tutorials & I'm hooked. Can't wait to get sewin...keep ya'll updated!
By the way this was the only "Indulgence" that James was pleased about :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

First ME Post

I made this blog since my husband is now busy at work & I barely get to see any of my who else to dish about things I'm drooling over at the mall or fun places I've visited or sweet deals I've scored: Than my own personal blog! So excited because I'm ALWAYS looking at fun/weird/trendy/creative things online, around my house, down the street, around the island or flippin' through a magazine. I just wanted to keep the family blog about FAMILY and everything else here...

Why "MUMmy"? My husband's from NZ  & I always laugh when I hear him pull the "Mum" and not MOM. Well considering that our future may lead us back to living in NZ or Aus, I may need to get used to the babies fillin' our home with Mumma instead of Momma.