Friday, March 9, 2012


I don't think my name is hard or any way difficult to pronounce. There's just "ash" and then there's "lyn". Unless you're like an innocent two or three year old, then maybe you'd call me "adin" with a lisp....but if you're an adult, there's no excuse. NO EXCUSE. I think this vent post was triggered by a certain tutu in the building I work at, who has been introduced to me, has heard me introduce myself to her/remind her what my name was, and sees my BOLD name printed on my employee tag pinned onto my chest many times....and yet still calls me ASHLEY. Hello! You're not THAT old!

I've encountered this Ashlyn/Ashley situation throughout my life. When I was younger, I'd think to myself, "Am I not pronouncing my name clearly?" I  mean I'd greet someone, tell them my name, and yet they'd still refer to me as Ashley. But as I grew older I categorized these annoying name-messer-upper people as either 1. Deaf, 2. Lazy, 3. Dumb. I know it may sound harsh, but hear me out....or just get off my blog.

1. Deaf
So the deaf ones, obviously just didn't hear me the first time (I guess). They paid attention to me introducing myself, but somehow they'll make an honest mistake which usually happens once. I'm forgiving to these types of people because they really didn't mean to mess up my name and truly apologize or make you feel that they WANT to learn your correct name, lol. It's no biggy, we're all deaf at times. (Sometimes I'm purposefully deaf, haha)

2. Lazy
Lazy, is more like stubborn because they actually hear you say ash-LYN, but yet keep referencing back to it sounding like ash-LEY, and "Oops sorry, it's because I know an Ashley". Has no one heard my name before? Because it was pretty common in elementary. In 1st, 4th and 5th grade I was referred to as 'AshlynK' or 'Ashlyn1' in classes with other Ashlyn's. These people are super annoying, and yet they always seem to think it's funny that they call me the wrong name.

3. Dumb
And the Dumb, make no courteous effort to notice that they consistently call me the wrong name. They see it on my name tag, the emails I send them, they hear it when I constantly correct them or hear other  coworkers call me ASHLYN. They are always small in number, so I know for sure that they just have a personal problem, lol. So guess what "Dummies"? Two can play that game! (And mind you this is only when I'm pretty ticked off) ......when I keep walking out of the room, it's because my name is not's ASHLYN. Get it right, or I'm not turning around! I mean, it's not like I make up a name to call you!

In the words of Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 DVD, "let's bring things back to center & cool down." lol. You may think I'm crazy, but I'm just stating a point. It's my name and I love my name. In fact I'm very proud of name. My Dad named me after his mother, my Grandma Ashlyn Ululani Ka'onohi Ka'ahanui, who passed away when he was a little boy from a severe case of asthma. My Dad loved his Mom, and it was through the childhood stories he told that caused me to love her just as much. She was a remarkable woman and had a beautiful history. She was born to a wealthy Hawaiian family with a huge house up in Alewa Heights. Her Father (my Great-Grandfather) was Alexander Kaonohi, one of the first 'official' Hawaiian doctors, having come from a long line of kahuna la'au lapa'au, or natural Hawaiian healing. He classified more than 240 herbs and plants to be documented as ways to heal, paving the way for modern medicine in Hawaii. He truly served the Hawaiian community, usually never taking any payment but was always left fruit, sugarcane as a thank you from patients.
Her 1950 graduation from St. Andrew's Priory
Great-Grandfather Doctor Ka'onohi, that's a pure Hawaiian right there!
Grandma Ashlyn, Grandpa B, my uncles and the smallest with the red hat is my Dad "Kent" Kaahanui.
My Grandma Ashlyn attended St. Andrew's Priory (reason why I wish one day I can afford to send Mahie there), was well educated, musically talented on the ukulele, had a strong testimony of the gospel and was a wonderful mother to five young children. So maybe I am making a big deal about my name, but I have good reason to.

Lastly, it has caused me to always, yes always, listen carefully to what another person's name is. I am very sensitive to making sure I pronounce a name correctly. Plus, it's embarrassing if you're calling the other person the WRONG name. We should all make the effort!

So Hi Guys, my name is Ashlyn Aspinall.


  1. Hi Ashlyn. I'm LeeYen. Not Lee nor LeeAnn. Haha. I know how you feel. Loved this post :)

  2. You go girl, let it out!! I feel the same way people pronounce my name all kinds of ways and yes I ignore them till they pronounce it right. I like how you tell it like it is.

  3. haha oh ashLYN youre so funny. I love valid rants because they are funny but also so true! I'll take any form of jennifer, jenn, even jenny but i can't stand when someone says "jenna"...unless it's sanoes boys haha. But thats super cool about your grandma and great grandpa!

  4. Bahahah! Who keeps calling you Ashley? I'm so gonna listen now!

  5. P.S. I totally meant to introduce myself. Hi Ashley, I'm larry, or laurie, or larae, and the newest one, Lanae!

  6. bahahahahaha in the words of bon qui qui, "DON'T GIT CRAAAZY". HAHAHA omg this totally made my day and all 5 other flight attendants on our plane right when we landed today. I clicked on ur blog post and couldn't stop cracking up so I read it out loud and every1 else was laughing too

  7. Haha, okay, I'm totally side busting here, but can I just say that I can totally relate to that problem?! I agree with all three excuses...

    I didn't know any other Ashlyns in elementary school besides you! Gee, that must've been frustrating to have other people with the same name in your class!

    Awesome post. Oh! And let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Ashlyn, too. :)