Sunday, March 4, 2012

One episode after the other!

I had the entire Saturday to myself & Mahie. Parts of our home have been separated into toss, sell, pack. It doesn't help that when you make piles, your little 10month baby crawls over and starts to make her own pile...or decides to take a nap in the middle of everything. Anyways, I always clean better with Pandora or a movie playing in the background. I went with an online tv show suggestion by my friend Marissa called "Dance Moms"....I'm addicted. After 2 minutes into Season 1, Episode 1, I realized I couldn't leave my laptop, so I barricaded the living room to keep Mahie from roaming the apartment and decided to plant myself next to all the laundry needed to be separated and folded. I ended up watching more episodes than folding laundry (which wasn't a lot at all, lol). I think us women love our online movie episode after another really makes the time fly. James came back from work, looked around and said, "What did you do with your life today?"...I told him to order pizza for dinner. lol.
The Coach is pretty intense, but I don't know why the moms complain because at the end of the day, their daughters are very talented and win every competition. Although I do agree that the Coach can be over the top at times, like for one performance she dressed the girls (6-10yrs) in sequined bras and booty shorts, and taught them some pretty inappropriate moves. The judges didn't even place them.

I've also been reading up on a lot of "Mommy Blogs". Don't you think that a lot of them on blogspot seem repetitive or have a cookie cutter presentation. As in they all share the same characteristics: skilled in photography, skilled in baking, shop-a-holics, eating-healthy-aholics, lol, exercise-aholics....not hating, ANYways...I came across Kourtney Kardashian's blog videos too. I wonder if she really does DO ("does DO" does that make sense?) everything for her son or if she has a nanny on hand. But then again, I too have nanny help when I'm at work, lol...TWO on-call infact. Nanny #1: My sister Hillary (she's #1 because she's more available and doesn't get stressed like), Nanny #2: My Mom.....who after 5 kids and a million years later I guess forgot how demanding crawling/teething infants can be. (love you mom).

If you got a favorite tv show or mommy blog, hook a sistah up!

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  1. I HAD THESE THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!! Likewise, I figure they have filtered "enhanced" versions of how things are in real life, but they post up their best selves lol. I gotta see this show! I was watching the housewives of texas and seriously they complain about everything.....especially when it comes to "listening" to their kid's problems lol.

    I totally watched Kourtney Kardashian's blog and disregarded one of her vlog posts about using a baby bullet to make organic food because she then had another post about catering organic baby food from a caterer lol lol